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Through the Storm
Up until now, 8-year-old Autumn has had a pretty good life. Autumn lives in the Bronx, New York. Even though her family may not have a lot of money, and it sure would be great if her Daddy wouldn’t drink so much, for the most part, Autumn thinks she’s got it pretty darn good. With her big sister Dakota to play (and fight with!), her best friend Ziah to always be there for her, her Grandma and Granddaddy to spoil her, and the world’s greatest Mama to raise her right, Autumn figures she can get through just about anything. Until just about everything goes wrong. Autumn will need all her sass and spunk to get through the troubles this year brings. Can she survive everything the world throws at her? Life may not be fair but that doesn’t mean she’s going to give up. And just maybe, there’s a rainbow waiting for her at the end of this storm.
Brayden & Dash
New horse…new dreams… That cool trophy would look amazing on his parents’ bookshelf! Brayden and his new horse, Dash, work hard to train for the race. Another riding student, Tia, expects a personal win. She isn’t afraid to sling a little mud to get her way. Will Brayden stoop to her level? How can losers be winners?
Little Differences
Bullies have feelings too. That’s what Katie and Jessie learn. The two best friends agree on everything — almost everything. They each have different feelings when it comes to the way they feel about Alani, the girl who is always doing horrible things to them. When pieces of Alani’s life begin to surface, Katie and Jessie both conclude that bullies are not just born, they are made. Alani isn’t the only one whose life is being turned upside down. Katie and Jessie experience their own troubles and their other friends are going through difficult times as well. Can this group of friends pull together to stop the bullying that is going on around them? Sometimes it takes only a few kids to make a big change. Things will only get worse for these friends before they can get better- if things ever get better.